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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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wyatt everhart are we going to have snow tomorrow. >> somewhere in the middle i think is the answer. snow in the grass. the sunroof open today, beautiful until the 60s. now we have a cold front pushing into the western part of the state. rain and snow showers on the backside of this thing and that's what we'll look for overnight into daybreak tomorrow and then tomorrow afternoon maybe a few more snow showers from a storm offshore. 60 almost in marlboro. 57 warm degrees centero and then a coastal storm could bring a secondary shot tomorrow afternoon. details and all your weather tomorrow afternoon. a weekend of change. >> luckily tomorrow morning won't affect any schools. >> and that's exactly what school buss and teachers faced and all that snow because most school systems decided to start own time. >> don harrison spoke to
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parents who feel that that wasn't the right decision to make. >> reporter: this was a common sign during yesterday's morning commute. anne arundel county police got calls for more than 60 accidents in two hours. one was for a school bus crash, a car slid into the bus on richy highway near 695. no students were hurt. school opened on time and that had parents pretty upset. >> it's been disappointing because it's been slick roads, been a lot of ice on the cars and it's just been pretty tough. i think they kind of missed the call. >> we went through all the things we normally go through. >> reporter: bob moser with the board of education said they did all the checks at 4 and 5 in the morning and he said the icy conditions started around 6 when the high school buses were on the way. >> we got the cold snap at the perfect time and if the road temperatures are hovering above freezing and you get a cold snap, we saw what could happen.
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>> reporter: some parents don't blame the school district. >> the state highway administration should have called the school and let the school know the roads were in bad shape and give them the delay. >> if they close school, the parents get upset, if they don't, the parents get upset, so they're between a rock and a hard place. >> reporter: others were happy the decision never came into play. >> i'm glad my kids were sick so they didn't have to go out into the ice. >> reporter: anne arundel county wasn't alone. the only counties with delays were frederick and carol county and they're in central. don harrison abc 2 news. they have four to five days every year and this year they've had just two. well, this seems to be a winner of the clipper storm and makes keeping the roads safer tougher, the maryland state highway administration says they try to be ready before any storm hits but they can't always pretreat the roads. when a storm starts as rain, crews don't pretreat because
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any salt would be washed out of the roles and looks like the storm -- off the roads and looks like the same could be tonight. >> we do have calls from citizens who say why are you sitting out there in the rain and the reality is we have to be prepared for anything and if it turns a couple little degrees can make it very very slick. >> so far this winter, the state highway administration has gone through 37 million of its 41 million-dollar budgets and nearly 130,000-tons of salt. a as this storm moves through your neighborhood tonight, you can track it as it changes from rain to e snow, right on your smart phone or tablet, and you can check out our mobile weather app. we have breaking news, a stabbing and attempted robbing near a popular shopping mall at arundel mills mall. a 36-year-old woman was the target. >> she's been taken to the hospital and is expected to
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recover. we've learned that maryland state police did make an arrest near baltimore city about a half hour after police got the original 911 call. new information tonight surrounding the baltimore city police department and its training academy. >> the department originally suspended training operations indefinitely after a trainee was shot in the head on tuesday. abc 2 news brian kuebler is here and it sounds like that suspension isn't going to last much longer. >> a police spokesperson said that limited training will resume next week. anthony says firearm practices will be moved to the end of the curriculum. this as the maryland police in training commission audits the department's procedures. commissioner batts made that request immediately after this week's tragic shooting. members of the commission spent several hours at police headquarters yesterday. they're trying to answer the same question we've been
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asking, why was there a weapon with live ammunition at a are training exercise. normally trainees and are instructors will sign over their firearm and live ammunition in exchange they get a specifically designed gun that fires paint ball pellets. for some reason that didn't happen and leading to officer william scott kern shooting a trainee in the head. that trainee remains at shock trauma in critical condition. and maryland state police continue their work in the criminal investigation. in a release today they said they will take their results to the baltimore county state's attorney who will determine whether or not to file criminal charges in this case. brian kuebler abc 2 news. there will not be a new trial for former anne arundel county executive john leopold, his attorneys filed a motion a week aft judge found leopold guilty of misconduct in office. the judge reviewed the motion and ruled it was without merit.
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leopold resigned from the county executive's office. and is scheduled to be sentenced on march 14th. the man who took over for leopold says he wants to finish out the rest of the term. john hammond made that announcement today but says he is not going to seek another term when this expires in 2014. he says one of his first tasks is dealing with county employees who had to work through the investigation and the trial. >> i recognize the need to examine the composition of the cabinet. there will be some changes there but more importantly it's to send a positive message to the employees and reinvigorate their efforts. >> candidates, potential ones had until noon to announce whether they wanted the job and among them former first lady and state delegate steve shoe. they plan to pick a replacement next thursday. passengers from the carnival cruise that was called a giant sewer on the sea, they're finally back on land. i bet you they're grateful. >> but they have e a lot of
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questions here about the disgusting ordeal they had to live through for the past five days. >> reporter: this giant sewer on the sea is finally docked but the owners have serious explaining to do. traumatized passengers say they've heard stories about previous troubles on the triumph and they want answers. why was the ship deemed sea worthy. >> it was incompetent to the level. >> reporter: and why did they wait roughly ten hours to call for help. >> they discharged no boats no rescue and sent a little bathtub toy to pull a ship. >> reporter: after a trip to galveston texas, the horrors of the last eight days were fresh. >> it was disgusting, no power, and at times no water. we were just living in filth. >> reporter: now some fuming
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customers say the compensation being offered is an insult. >> i know what i went through out here, and $500 doesn't touch that or a free cruise or a discounted cruise or an additional cruise. there's no money that could repay me for the horror and the scareness that i have been through. >> reporter: some passengers say they'll seem seek legal action while others are moving on. >> i feel that carnival did put forth the effort to make sure we were taken care of. i will be back on carnival ships. >> reporter: lawyers are saying they should brace themselves for lawsuits and a lot will depend on what passengers signed when they purchased the tickets but people who had to spend days going to the bathroom in one of these are unlikely to give up without answers. >> that brings us to the topic,
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would you take them up on it. weigh in. so far the comments are mixed. one person says after hearing about the cruise she would never go on one again. and another said i would do anything for a free cruise are. new information about a baltimore dentist who's been ducking the feds on student loans decades after graduating. what state agency has fined him five grant after he failed to show up in court. and hundreds injured after a meteor in the sky crashes in russia, the amazing video of that fire ball, right there. just ripped up the place. and it's a buyer's market. if you're selling your home, you have to be competitive. what day you should list to attract more people.
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new information tonight about a baltimore r dentist at the center of an abc 2 news
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investigation. >> we just learned today dr. zachary press has been hit with a $4500 fine for having two radiation machines. he has not had a valid dental license since 2009. >> and he's not the only one that's done this. >> absolutely not guilty. he's one of hundreds of -- absolutely not. he's one of hundreds not paying for student loans funded by your tax dollars. >> hi, we're channel 2, looking for dr. press. are you dr. press by chance. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: you're watching the magic act of zachary press. he may want to disappear from the camera, but no hiding from the past. >> are you seeing patients. >> reporter: not at the moment. >> you're just here. >> cleaning up and closing up. >> reporter: but your license was not renewed a while ago. and by a while we mean four years ago. records show his dental license was not renewed by the state
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board of dentistry since 2009 and we found him behind the counter wearing scrubs and while the signs around the office call him a dentist, the feds call him something different, a dead beat. >> it's a small percentage of debtors who are unwilling to pay and uncooperative. >> reporter: he's one of them according to the federal government, he's got plenty of company, and they are listed on the u.s. department of health and human services public default page. it showcases doctors and dentists who went to medical school on your dime but didn't pay back special health education assistance loans they got from the federal government, even decades after graduating. >> they have no current about to repay. >> reporter: it's u.s. attorney's rod rosen stein's job to get your dollars back. but in some cases they just won't pay up. that's how they end up on the list. 17 maryland doctors and
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dentists have the distinction, owing total of $3.2 million in principle, interest and fines. press' share is 209,000 dating back to 1985. from maryland owe as little as have grand or as much as a half million in change. some have been in the hook since 1979. sarah white is paying and she doesn't make a doctors salary. she's a public servant, a single mom living on a local police officer's salary and every month she makes a payment toward the federal loans she took out more than ten years ago to attend the university of maryland. even when she was hurt in the line of duty as a montgomery county cop, those checks were still sent. >> no excuses you borrowed it and you pay it back. >> reporter: but the health care providers had plenty of excuses why they couldn't pay and not all of made the list.
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we have dozens more who have defaulted in maryland forcing rosenstein to take them to court. there's an additional 4 million in loans and interest, the docs who borrowed it aren't considered deadbeats because they've made an attempt to pay back a portion of the loan. >> for the taxpayers who are lending this money in the first place, they have a right to know that if people have the ability to repay it and don't, the government is going to take appropriate steps to collect on it. >> reporter: when the government can't collect, it takes action, stronger than a public shaming. a listing means you're banned from capitalizing on federal programs like medicare or medicaid, their wages can also be seized and so can their tax returns. >> can i leave you my card. >> reporter: we wanted to ask zachary press about being excluded f after landing on the list. he wouldn't answer our questions, hiding out of sight.
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he has bigger problems than our camera. the board filed a criminal complaint for practicing without a license. he was supposed to be in a baltimore courtroom to answer charges but never showed. >> the judge in dr. press did not issue a bench warrant because his attorney told him he has serious concerns about press' mental health. he is due in court next week. you can see which marylanders made the list and others across the nation. you'll find this story in the slide show on now maryland's most accurate forecast. what a beautiful february friday. temperatures in the 50s, we're looking at a clear cool night across baltimore. 54 degrees at bwi. we're going to be looking at low 50s through the rest of the evening. sunset not until 4:45, the mighty key bridge as we look at
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the outer harbor toward hawkins point. you see the clouds edging into the the right part the of the screen. looking across into cecil county to hartford county, a great shot and in laurel today, man, you needed the sunglasses all day long. i wish i could tell you the weather will hold up. you won't recognize it, colder windier, cloudier, and wintry showers for the first half of the weekend. and the temperatures statewide, again, impressive in the mid 60s. running a solid 12 degrees above average and that breeze is picking up as the front approaches out of the west and couple of gusts in york and frederick. windier weather on the way. colder weather. you see the snow showers across behind the leading edge of this cold front. now as the system continues to push further west, the east not just rain showers, but rain showers changing over are
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briefly to snow showers. this is midnight and we indicate a few wintry snow type showers across central maryland by 2, 3 in the morning, that clears out. there is a second weather maker that could impact us over the weekend. that is our coastal system offshore. as boundary pushes out, we could see wrap around rain and snow showers out of the storm, and with the colder air in plaque probably more cold showers, we predict the bulk of the store offshore. in terms of accumulations tomorrow afternoon in the second system, maybe the beachers and eastern shore and i think central maryland not going to see a lot out of the coastal storm. and not ouch the upper 30s. high temperature might be the at midnight and cold tomorrow night into the day on sunday and windy right through the second half of the week, and blustery conditions, again, partly because of the front
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coming through, and tonight 32 cloudy skies. wintry showers overnight into the daybreak. tomorrow falling temperatures, we'll fall through the 30s. and the coastal storm, tomorrow night 23 as those flurries in, colder and windier into the weekend and right now looks blustery through early monday and as we look at early next week, it's interesting, a new storm, coming in. if it times out just right, meaning early, early, tuesday morning, 3, 4 in the morning, we could see freezing rain around here, early tuesday morning before the whole thing changes over to rain. 50 degrees tuesday, that's not going to hold but there is that chance for an icy tuesday morning commute, too, so february, you get it all. sunroof open one day and shoveling snow the next. >> can't make up its mind. >> thanks a lot. >> yep. you may have played a round of golf before at this place. >> sure, but something very
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different is going on in elegant city this weekend. >> the saber sip and sometime. great event, luxury home event. mike is out there right now and you look like a man sitting in a luxury throne there. >> it's friday. we're hanging out, letting the weekend come in gently, and the weekend, let me tell you something, it's going to be like 3 below 0. everybody's going to come here and drink some wine. 100 vendors coming out. >> not only wine, vodka, did you know there's vodka made in maryland. now he perks up. >> reporter: so tell me about this event. we're in turf valley, in elegant city, what is going on. >> we have the saber sip and style, the luxury home show. we have over a hundred vendors and anything from granite counter tops to gourmet food. >> what are we sitting in right now. this is one exhibit. >> this is the most fabulous furniture and it's not even my style. as you can see, i like bling. >> reporter: you have the bling going. >> i have the bling going and
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we sell this here, too, but anyway, this is artisano, they sell it on charles street, and it's actually made in peru. each piece is an art piece. it's made by one person in the andes mountains. >> reporter: let's continue it conversation. we're going to go that way and find wine and vendors and in 20 minutes or so we'll talk about the wine barrel table over there. that's coming up in a little bit. guys. >> mike, that's you, the chair, the whole leather chair, the table, that's uh-huh -- that's you, i think you should pick it up. when somebody tried to rob this guy's store, he took matters into his own hand, where he stores the sword he
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caught on camera, a store clerk pulls out a sword to fend off a knife wielding robber. and he happened to keep the sword under the counter for this very reason. has done it. this is a tough man. he says this sword was in the store back then and he just
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couldn't get to it. apparently that guy alone. ask this kid's name is william, and he did a quick weather segment in north dakota and now the 3rd grader is learning to deal with his onset celebrity. >> this is great. thank you audience for :((/,su great time. >> i love him. >> what a great kid. wyatt is not that enthusiastic. he has been invited to appear on a morning news show e in new york city. >> he has a lot of pop rocks for breakfast. we have unbelievable video out of russia as a fire ball flies through the are sky, where that meteor hit and why so many people were hurt. when you sell your house, it's not just about keeping it clean and pretty, what day you
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should list,. and is kate and will's baby a prince or a princess, that's the big question, the official reason, though, we won't know the royal baby's sex until it's born. >> not enough enthuse yam -- enthusiasm. we have new storms on the board and we're going to talk about that one in just a few minutes. we're excited about it. it's good stuff.
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